J.S.バッハ: 歌曲 "Komm süßer Tod, komm selge Ruh!" BWV 478

メゾ・ソプラノ:Maria Horvath

Komm süßer Tod, komm selge Ruh!  来たれ、甘き死よ 来たれ、聖なる安息よ
Komm, führe mich in Friede,
weil ich der Welt bin müde,
komm, ich wart auf dich,
komm bald und führe mich,
drück mir die Augen zu
Komm selge Ruh!

"Komm, suser Tod, komm selge Ruh" (Come, sweet death, come, blessed rest) is a song for solo voice and basso continuo from the 69 Sacred Songs and Arias that Johann Sebastian Bach contributed to Musicalisches Gesangbuch by Georg Christian Schemelli (BWV 478), edited by Schemelli in 1736.

The text is by an anonymous author. Bach, by means of melody and harmony, expresses the desire for death and heaven. It is among his most popular works and has been adapted and transformed by several composers, such as Max Reger, Leopold Stokowski, Knut Nystedt, and for the Wanamaker Organ, by Virgil Fox. It forms the thematic material for the final movement of the second symphony of Ernst von Dohnanyi. Cliff Burton based the introduction of the song "Damage, Inc." (a series of reversed bass chords) on its chorale prelude.


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