J.S.バッハ: カンタータ BWV 207a "Auf, schmetternde Tone der muntern Trompeten"

指揮:ヨス・ファン・フェルトホーフェン Jos Van Veldhoven
オランダ・バッハ協会合唱団 & 管弦楽団 Netherlands Bach Society
Maria Keohane, soprano Maarten Engeltjes, alto Thomas Hobbs, tenor Matthew Brook, bass
Recorded for the project All of Bach on June 10th 2016 at Courtyard Paushuize, Utrecht.

Auf, schmetternde Tone der muntern Trompeten (Arise, blaring tones of high-spirited trumpets), BWV 207.2 (previously BWV 207a), is a secular cantata composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and likely premiered in 1735. It utilizes the music from the third movement of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major.

This cantata was composed for the name day of the Elector of Saxony, King Augustus III of Poland which was celebrated on 3 August. The work was likely premiered in Leipzig in 1735. It is largely based on an earlier secular cantata Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten, BWV 207.1, which was first performed in 1726.
It is counted among the works Bach wrote for celebrations of the Leipzig University, Festmusiken zu Leipziger Universitatsfeiern.

1. 0:07 Marche 行進曲
2. 2:07 Auf schmetternde Tone (Chorus)
3. 6:40 Die stille Pleisse spielt
4. 8:40 Augustus' Namenstages Schimmer (Aria)
5. 12:16 Augustus' Wohl (Recitative)
6. 14:12 Mich kann die susse Ruhe laben (Aria)
7. 18:56 Ritornello
8. 20:08 Augustus schutzt die frohen Felder (Recitative)
9. 21:00 Preiset, spate Folgezeiten (Aria)
10. 26:24 Ihr Frohlichen, herbei! (Recitative)
11. 29:29 August, lebe, lebe, Konig! (Chorus)

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