J.S.バッハ:カンタータ BWV 198 Nr. 10 "Königin doch! du stirbest nicht"

指揮: Ruud Huijbregts
Koor en Orkest:Bachcantates Tilburg
Het concert werd opgenomen op 8 oktober 2023 in de St. Dionysius Kerk (Goirkese Kerk) in Tilburg.

10. Coro: Königin doch! du stirbest nicht, されど候妃よ、御身は死にたまわず

Las, Furstin, las noch einen Strahl (Let, Princess, let still one more glance) is a secular cantata composed as a funeral ode by Johann Sebastian Bach, first performed on 17 October 1727.
In Wolfgang Schmieder's catalogue of Bach's works (BWV) it was assigned the number 198. It is also known as Trauerode or as Trauerode: auf den Tod der Konigin Christiane Eberhardine.

Christiane Eberhardine, Electress of Saxony, for whose funeral the cantata was written Bach composed the cantata at the request of the University of Leipzig as a funeral ode for Christiane Eberhardine, wife of August II the Strong, the Elector of Saxony. The cantata was first performed on 17 October 1727 in the University Church in Leipzig. Bach himself directed from the harpsichord. The text was written by Johann Christoph Gottsched, professor of philosophy and poetry.


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