J.S.バッハ:カンタータ BWV 155 "Mein Gott, wie lang, ach lange?"

指揮 & ヴァイオリン:佐藤 俊介 Shunske Sato
Netherlands Bach Society
Griet De Geyter, sopran | Bernadett Nagy, alto
Guy Cutting, tenor | Drew Santini, bass
Recorded for the project All of Bach on 21 September 2019 the Groote Kerk, Maassluis, the Netherlands.

0:09 Mein Gott, wie lang (Rezitativ)わが神よ、いつまで、ああいつまでか
1:43 Du must glauben (Arie)
6:17 So sei, o Seele (Rezitativ)
8:18 Wirf, mein Herze (Arie)
10:41 Ob sich, anlies (Choral)

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