J.S.バッハ:カンタータ BWV 89 "Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim"

指揮:ピーター・ヤン・ルーシンク Pieter Jan Leusink
オランダ・バッハ・コレギウム Netherlands Bach Collegium
オランダ少年合唱団 Holland Boys Choir
Bas Ramselaar (Basso), Sytse Buwalda (Alto) & Ruth Holton (Soprano)

BWV 89 われ汝をいかになさんや、エフライムよ
00:00 I. Aria. Was soll ich aus dir machen Ephraim?(Basso)
03:31 II. Recitativo. Ja, freilich sollte Gott (Alto)
04:26 III. Aria. Ein unbarmherziges Gerichte (Alto)
07:03 IV. Recitativo. Wohlan! Mein Herze legt Zorn (Soprano)
08:07 V. Aria. Gerechter Gott (Soprano)
10:37 VI. Choral. Mir mangelt zwar sehr viel (Coro)

Johann Sebastian Bach composed the church cantata Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim (What shall I make of you, Ephraim), BWV 89, in Leipzig for the 22nd Sunday after Trinity and first performed it on 24 October 1723.

The cantata in six movements is scored for three vocal soloists (soprano, alto and bass), a four-part choir only in the chorale, horn, two oboes, two violins, viola, and basso continuo.


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